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Red Sox Opening Day today

Red Sox logoOpening Day

The Boston Red Sox’s home opener is today at the fabled Fenway Park in Boston, Mass. The festivities start around 1:00 PM and the players will receive their World Series rings. The Sox have won 8 straight World Series games.

Although they have not started the season off too well, hopefully, home cooking will be the cure and they will stop their losing skid.

David Ortiz

David Ortiz is probably the greatest clutch hitter in Red Sox history. Let’s hope he has a great season. I have the following David Ortiz cards for sale.

Ortiz \'98 Topps Rookie Card

Set Name Card Number Quantity
1998 Bowman Chrome 71 1
1998 Topps Stars Bronze 6 1
1999 Pacific Prism 85 1
1999 SkyBox Thunder 197 1
1999 Topps Finest 166 1
1999 Topps Standard 291 2
1999 Upper Deck SP Authentic 49 1
1999 Upper Deck SPx 51 1

Sports cards for sale 1985 through 2001

I am selling off my collection of baseball, basketball, hockey and football cards I have collected throughout the years.

Please visit my website at Jay’s Sportscards for all your sports cards collecting needs.

If you don’t see a card please just ask.

Sports Card Collecting Why?

Johnny Unitas reprintI started collecting when I was little, that was back in the early 1960’s. I was and still am a big Red Sox fan. My father who was born in 1931 and he never saw the Red Sox win a World Series. He passed away in 1990. My grandfather did get to see a few as he was born in 1900 and he saw his last one when he was 18 in 1918 and he lived until 1969. 51 years without seeing another World Series.

I went from 1954 to 2004 without the Sox winning one but now I have experienced two and hopefully more will come.

My son Justin was born in Chanhassen, MN and he was a Twins fan and experienced a World Series title in 1987 and 1991 and in 1990 he started collecting baseball cards and that is when he got me hooked on collecting sports cards. I not only started collecting baseball cards again, I also collected football, basketball and some hockey.

I collected for about 5-6 years when I was a child and that was when I could buy packs for a nickel. When Justin and I were buying cards they were at least a buck a pack and some were even more as Ken Griffey Jr. got hot and his 89 Upper Deck card was red hot. I think packs were $ 4.00 back then.

I think my favorite baseball set is 1963 and someday I’ll try and finish it. I only have a few Red Sox players now but I’ll get there eventually.

What’s your favorite set?

All cards you will see on this site are cards I have for sale and cards that I have in stock. All cards will be scanned front and back. If you don’t see a card here just ask and I’ll check to see if I have it in stock.

I have close to a half million cards and I will try and get them all on here.

Happy collecting.